Why join NSC

At NSC, we are committed to provide the best services to our clients through a high standard of professionalism and integrity. As such, we believe in attracting and retaining a team of dedicated individuals who aspire to our company’s mission.

For our new staff, a clear career path will be charted for them so that they are aware of their career progression in our company. They will be guided throughout their development process by a group of experienced professionals so as to bring out the best of each individual staff.

There are also constant training sessions to upgrade our staff knowledge and skills, as well as knowledge-sharing sessions to enable our staff to be concurrent with the latest developments in the our related fields.

We are also mindful for our staff well being by organizing activities such as the company dinner, company retreat, festive celebrations and other get-together sessions to wind down and to foster team building among staff.

Submit your resume to NSC now and be part of our team.

Singapore Qualification Programme

NSC & Associates PAC is proud to be awarded the Accredited Training Organisations (ATO) status under the Singapore Qualification Programme (Singapore QP) which was launched in June 2013.

Singapore QP is a post-university professional accountancy qualification with three main components:

  • Academic Base;
  • Professional Programme; and 
  • Practical Experience.

A candidate of the Singapore QP will have to complete a minimum 3 years experience within a training commitment in an Accredited Training Organisation supervised by an Approved Mentor.

An Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) responsibilities:

  • Exhibit professional and ethical practices in its dealings and is committed to the training and development of the Singapore QP Candidates;
  • Identify the training and development needs of Candidates;
  • Provide development opportunities for Candidates; and
  • Monitor and review development activity.

The Singapore QP framework believes in the acquisition of knowledge and experience in a conducive learning environment in order to produce good quality audit professionals and professional accountants. The ATOs are thus, a key instrument for providing on-the-job learning and development opportunities for the Candidates.

As an ATO, NSC & Associates PAC is committed to providing candidates with a conducive training and development environment towards achieving their qualifications as Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

So, regardless of whether you are enrolling in the Singapore QP or looking for a job opportunity in the auditing and accountancy profession, come join NSC for a rewarding career.


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